Rini Hurkmans
video works

The Flavor of Salt

The Flavor of Salt (fragment 0:50)

video installation
HD video on TVIX player
6:14, sound

In the film The Flavor of Salt the camera slowly glides over a carefully laid table in an open field; one sees how nature changes the table's setting during the waiting for the arrival of the guests who never come. References to Vanitas paintings and the event on White Thursday, as described in the New Testament, are present.

The film shows that treason can change friendship, expectations and happiness into disbelief, disillusion and loneliness. This theme is very well depicted in the story of what happened on the Thursday before Easter, the celebration of the end of slavery in Egypt. The Flavor of Salt is inspired by this story.

The Flavor of Salt at Galerie Nelson Freeman, Paris 2008.

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