Rini Hurkmans
video works
2003 – 2007

Homeland, Part V

Left: Homeland, Part V, Flag Twirler. Right: Homeland, Part V, Endeavour.

Homeland, Part V (fragment 0:30)
2003 - 2007

video installation
2 videos
2 monitors
6:17, sound

In the video installation Homeland, Part V, two video's, Flag Twirler and Endeavour, are facing each other.

On one monitor, a flag twirler from an old village in the south of the Netherlands performs a flag pattern with the Flag of Compassion. This flag pattern, 'a prayer of the flag', is a traditional and historical flag performance; the twirlers wave a pattern with the flag to symbolically express the fight against evil and injustice, how good conquers evil.
On the other monitor, the video Endeavour shows an older man sitting motionless on a chair under an oak tree. In his arms he holds a piece of golden yellow textile, corresponding to the colour of the Flag of Compassion. One sees how the sunlight changes, how the wind moves the leaves of the tree and how insects and butterflies pass by.

In this video installation, two older men express, each in his way, a form of compassion. They are different in character: one is active, a worker, and the other seems to have a more reflective, philosophical attitude.