Rini Hurkmans
video works

Father and Son

Father and Son (fragment 0:22)

video installation
50 x 50 x 150 cm
video on PicoPix
19:54, loop, sound

The video installation Father and Son questions the concept of hesitation. It shows a never-ending beach tennis match in which persistence and repetition prevails.
Father and Son is part of the exhibition Hesitation (Lumen Travo, 2016). Hesitation can occur when one is dealing with resistance. Hesitation as the pause of breathing before speaking; pondering or withdrawing before acting. The moment of slowing down and decoding what appears ‘ready’ or ‘correct’ in order to open up new relations and opportunities. Hesitation as a means for resistance - resistance as material, as an attitude or as a political act.

Father and Son, installation view 2015