Rini Hurkmans
video works
public space


Installation view of Endurance

Het Torentje, Almelo, the Netherlands
21 September until 21 December 2000

exterior video projection
20:00, loop, silent

On a city tower (het Torentje) of Almelo, previously part of the Ten Cate textile factory, the image of passing ships slowly appears and disappears during the night. Every ship has its own name, written on the bow, which emphasizes its individual character. The names are often familiar names given to persons.

The artist was inspired by the history and current situation of Almelo. The town has a rich history of textile industry and was reached, among others, by man-made waterways, important for transporting the textiles.
Besides the restlessness in the movement of the ships and the expression of force, there is a meditative aspect in the observing of the passing ships, the waves in the water and the changing light.

The title Endurance refers to a quality that is typical for the history of the town, but the concept also stands for an internal quality of the human character. During the day, the tower was hermetically closed by a piece of white textile that made the interior space invisible. Only at night when darkness sets, it gave away its secret.