This website works as a kind of book in which I visualize the thematic content of my work. It is not meant to be a catalogue or only a list of my artworks, but more a personal way to articulate the thematic content, using layout, design, text, and the images of the works themselves. In that respect, this website does not offer an immediate overview of my work, but as a visitor one slows down by working through the pages and artworks, like reading a book, page by page.

Through this site I would like to clarify my ideas about the necessary role of art in our time, explain my position, and how the thematic content has been a continuous thread in my work over the years, as well as how it has evolved and adapted through a dialogue with the outside world.


The necessary role of art in our time.

2022 © rinihurkmans

Sleep the Sleep of the Innocent

photo work

pigment-based inkjet print
variable dimensions