Rini Hurkmans
public space
1999 – present

in development / Piedad de Argentina

The Parque de la Memoria in Buenos Aires in Argentina is still under construction, as are some of the prize-winning artworks. This park is being realised in memory of the victims of state (junta) terrorism, to remember the people who were kidnapped, declared missing or assassinated during this administration in Argentina.

Proposal, sketch for Piedad de Argentina, 1999
hardened glass, cibachrome transparency, stainless steel frame, concrete foundation
250 x 360 x 4 cm

The installation or so-called glass visual Piedad de Argentina shows an Argentinean woman, seated on a chair and surrounded by different piles of used colourful clothing. She is holding another pile of clothes on her lap. The piles of clothing represent the remembrance of the beloved ones who are no more. The bright colours from the clothing surrounding the woman give a playful and enjoyable atmosphere, like 'flowers' in the grass.

The photograph is made on the same site where the glass visual will be placed. The photo is reworked into a transparent condition and will be melted in between two glass plates. The whole object will appear as a transparent screen, like a layer of memory placed over reality. When the visitor stands in the position from where the picture was taken, the horizon in the picture will match the real horizon. Walking around the glass visual, the visitor can look through the fixed moment of the photo and see the surroundings. Yet, the surroundings will change as time passes: not only is nature in constant flux but also the city is not a static entity. The image will stand as a frozen moment in life but the visitor will be aware of the continuation of existence. Because of the transparency of the glass visual, the woman in the image is facing the river on one side, and the city on the other. However, she is always facing the spectator, who is reflected in the glass and is therefore included in the work itself.