Rini Hurkmans
photo works

Dear Son

Dear Son, video still nr 1, 2004

Dear Son

a series of 7 video stills
with an elaborate text as part of the work on the verso
42 x 52 cm (framed)
edition of 3 and 1 AP

The stills Dear Son are taken from the film with the same title. This film shows a seated female figure who is continuously folding a white shirt on her lap. The colors in the interior of the surrounding space in which this endlessly repeated action takes place and the clothes of the woman are constantly changing while the position of the woman doesn’t change. The patterned pieces of textile date from different periods of history and are from all over of the world. One sees the colors changing from light, spring-like colors and intense yellows, reds and more subdued colors, to nuances of silver, grays and blacks.

During the film, one listens to an ‘interior monologue’ in which the voice of a woman reads a letter to her dead son.

Dear Son, video still nr 2, 2004

Dear Son, video still nr 3, 2004

Dear Son, video still nr 4, 2004

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