Rini Hurkmans
objects sculptures installations

Without Title

Without Title, August 2001

plastic, cardboard, acrylic paint, fabrics
video The Colours, 2:34 loop

Installation at Lumen Travo Gallery, Amsterdam

The installation Without Title, August 2001 presents nine small rectangular coffin-like and house-like containers, each covered with colourful semi-transparent fabrics. The diversity of the cloths emphasizes the individuality of each garment and container. High above the boxes a video, The Colours, of a huge waving flag is running. Although one sees only a fragment of an unidentifiable flag, it gives the installation a certain political charge. The individual character of the cloths contrasts with the national character associated with flags, which does not only address the duality between group and individual but also between celebration and mourning.

still The Colours, 2001

Installation view Without Title, August 2001

Without Title, July 2001

wood, cardboard, acrylic paint, fabrics
video Nevertheless 0:17 loop video

In another room is a shelving unit with space for four of the aforementioned containers. Only three racks are utilized, which leaves the fourth rack empty. Here too Hurkmans brings drama and lightness together. Next to the shelving unit runs a video of two girls who are embroidering. One of the girls occasionally looks mischievously toward the camera.

Installation view Without Title, July 2001

still Nevertheless, 2001