Rini Hurkmans
objects sculptures installations

The White Flag

The White Flag (Flag Prayer)

textile, graphite, embroidery thread, iron
300 x 300 cm

The White Flag (Flag Prayer) refers to a historical tradition from the south of the Netherlands where flag twirlers, accompanied by a drummer, wave certain patterns with a flag. The meaning of these patterns is described in a 'flag prayer'. The version composed in 1971 in Berlicum, the Netherland, is used for this work. The English translation of this 'flag prayer' is written with a pencil and partly embroidered on a piece of white textile of 150 x 300 cm. As with a flag, this piece of textile is attached to a flagpole.

installation view of The White Flag at Pakhuisje ‘Hal88’, Haarlem, Marieke en Pieter Sanders