Rini Hurkmans
objects sculptures installations

The Inner Garden

The Inner Garden

permanent installation
textile sculpture (30 x 3,50 meter)
transparent glass film, side table, coffee table with built-in bookcase,
sofa, footstool, 4 chairs and 4 lamps

The Inner Garden is a permanent installation, specially made for the room of silence in the Regional Centre Palliative Laurens Cadenza, Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

This Centre is built to house people who are terminally ill. For them, this room of silence is created, as an intimate place where all kinds of rituals and gatherings can take place.

The installation is a gracefully meandering sculpture made of all kinds of different textiles, from all over the world, like Syria, India, Dutch ‘batik’ cloth made for West Africa, woven fabric from Peru and so on. The various origins of these textiles correspond with the different origins of the people staying at the Centre. The title of this work is De Binnentuin, or in English Courtyard or Inner Garden, so it has a double connotation: the space is connected to a real garden, but the title also refers to the inner world of the individual.

When the curtain sculpture is slid open at the doors or windows, one sees pictures of the patterns of the textiles in transparent glass film on the windows. In this way, the circle of colors is not interrupted.