Rini Hurkmans
objects sculptures installations
public space

The Garland

The Garland

iron frame, digital print on PVC foil
diameter: 1350 cm
public cemetery, Ede

The sculpture The Garland is located on the roundabout at the end of the main avenue of the cemetery of the town of Ede and can be interpreted as a wreath of memories.

The sculpture consists of an undulating circle with sixty-three colorful medallions. The center of the circle is an empty space.
The undulating movement of The Garland symbolizes, together with the different colors of the medallions, the circular course of nature and thus the course of human life.

The medallions show photos of fragments of clothes. The photos are stills from the film Dear Son and the clothes originate from a wide range of periods and cultures. The use of fragments is based on the fact that human memories are also fragmentary.

Photographic elements of The Garland