Rini Hurkmans
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Simulacrum II

Simulacrum II

Holly Solomon Gallery, New York

computer print
460 x 1000 cm

The Holly Solomon Gallery was located on the busy corner of Mercer and Houston Street in New York and had a very narrow and high space with two big windows facing Houston Street opposite the Angelica movie theatre. The window piece was created for this space. A computer print covering three walls of the room shows a life-size blowup of a photograph of a maquette for a group of sculptures. The print was nailed on the wall as a 'wallpaper / curtain'. The only entrance to the room was a door for visitors so that people entering the room had to walk 'through' the print. Since the installation was illuminated at night, the work was also visible from the street to people passing by during the evening.

See the publication Mute.

Detail and installation view of Simulacrum II

Maquette Simulacrum II
± 42 x 110 x 50 cm
terra cotta, etched copper

Floor plan and detail of the installation Simulacrum II