Rini Hurkmans
Flag of Compassion Archive

Making Waves 5

Making Waves in Amsterdam would have been the fifth edition of the series of Making Waves projects. It was the intention to have the project take place in May 2020, but the event had to be cancelled due to the corona crisis.

This edition of Making Waves takes on a new form: a walk around the concept of compassion through poetry and prose. The route connects different neighbourhoods in Amsterdam and is marked in the streets by Flags of Compassion with texts by writers. This form invites collaboration between residents, organisations and visitors, writers and the Unda Foundation. Activities that take place during the project stimulate residents and visitors to talk to each other about compassion and to actively give substance to it. We have already found several writers, partners and community centres willing to participate in this project (including writer Arnon Grünberg, the AkzoNobel Art Foundation and community centre De Coenen).