Rini Hurkmans
Flag of Compassion Archive

Making Waves 4

Making Waves 4 takes place during Winterlab, organized in collaboration with art academy ArtEZ in Zwolle. From January 21 until February 1, students of first, second, and third years bachelors in Fine Art and Design in Education, Animation Design, Comic Design, Graphic Design, Illustration Design, Interior-Architecture, and Theatre in Education are working in interdisciplinary teams on social issues.

Inspired by the artwork Flag of Compassion, the students are challenged to think about the question “What is the effect of the tension between differentiation and equality on the world around us?”

In two separate groups different perspectives and interpretations are investigated, after which each group of students works on their own project to present their findings at the end of the two weeks. The first group makes a presentation with two- and three-dimensional works, such as photographs, text and sculptures. Group two develops a video installation with different sizes of video screens.

Making Waves 4.1

Square Root Perspective

“A square root of a number is a value that, when multiplied by itself, gives the number.” (mathisfun.com)

Making Waves 4.1 is about the tension that is created between differentiation and equality. The notion of perspective is the central issue at stake. The phenomenon ‘thinking in boxes’ or thinking in a compartmentalized way is also examined. Everyone has another perspective that is based on his/her own norms and moral values and is inclined to keep thinking within this frame.

The works in the installation Square Root Perspective investigate from several points of view what perspective means and how it works. Each work shows how different perspectives vary and at the same time may correspond. The works are visual notes that activate to look with different perspectives on one concept. If several perspectives have enough space, in dialogue with everyone’s own norms and values, then similarities can come to the fore without making everything the same.

The visual notes exist of two- and three-dimensional works, such as photographs, text, and sculptures.

Anouk van der Meer, Frank Pap, Judith Bos, Martijn Knoester, Melissa van Vugt, Nienke Bronkhorst

Making Waves 4.2

Beans Different

The world we are living in is characterized by diversity. Individuals and groups all have their own opinion and these bring about conflict.

The artwork Flag of Compassion (2008, initiated by Rini Hurkmans) plays with the paradox between equality and diversity. A flag is an instrument for individuals and groups to differentiate themselves and make their opinion visible. The Flag of Compassion in itself has no meaning but individuals and groups give it meaning by using the Flag in different ways. It is a way to activate people, to go in dialogue with each other. Do people have, despite their different ideas, similarities if they deploy the same flag?

The diversity and equality within our group can be found in drinking coffee. In Making Waves 4.2 is coffee the metaphor for the paradox in the work Flag of Compassion. We all drink coffee but in a really different way. Think, for example, of Americano, cappuccino or Turkish coffee. Coffee beans form the basis for each coffee. The beans change by a different process in a different kind of coffee. Consequently, the coffee beans manifest itself in a different way. However, at the heart, they are still the same: a coffee bean.

This phenomenon is also applicable to people. All people have different opinions and express themselves in a different way but from the inside, they are the same: human. Above all, drinking coffee together is a means to communicate with each other. Therefore, we speak in Making Waves 4.2 of Coffeenication.

In the installation Coffeenication, images sometimes contradict or reinforce each other, or work together. The work switches continually between several forms of expression of diversity and equality and hence aims to create an opening for own interpretation.

Firas Alhusni, Celine Wessels, Femke van Hoppe, Ola Karuzel, Ella Sangster.

5 screens 102 x 58.5 cm, 52 x 29.5 cm, (3) 20 x 15 cm, 1:03 minutes, loop.